A little about me

Hello, beautiful soul. 

My name is Lyn Rose, and I have loved natural crystals and stones for as long as I can remember! I started making crystal amulets many years ago, and it has grown into this. I have always made different magical objects, such as dream-catchers of all shapes and sizes, wooden wands, staffs, crystal sun-catchers, runes, spell-kits, herbal tinctures and wind-chimes :)

My father and brother are geologists, so I guess it's in my blood. I can't walk on a beach or in a forest without collecting stones, sticks, and feather (I use only found feathers, which I consider vegan-friendly because I did not take a life to obtain them).

I really believe that crystals and stones are alive, as you and I are. Scientists are discovering that crystals can actually retain information like a memory stick, and can be "programmed". People from every culture in the world have used crystals and amulets for magical purposes for thousands of years. There is definitely something to it. It's interesting to note that often different peoples have picked up on certain attributes of stones and crystals, supposedly without the influence of each other. 

An amulet is not just a necklace or a piece of jewelry. An Amulet represents an idea, an intention, so that whenever you see or wear it you are reminded of that intention you gave it. They can be used as a trigger to continue on the path you set out for yourself, whether it's to achieve a certain goal, or to reach a higher level of consciousness in your life. When I make an amulet I cleanse the crystals first, meditate with them and then see what they would like to be made into. Then I ask them to go to the right people. The crystal chooses you, not the other way around :) I always correct people when they say I make jewelry. 

I live in Toronto, Canada right now, but I love to travel around the universe! 

I use my voice for recording powerful and transformative mind-reprogramming and meditation cds, and I am also a writer of beautiful books :)

I eat only pure plant-based foods, and love to create new recipes, leading me to write my first book, Conscious Evolution, which is loaded with really really awesome recipes (over 100!), and a whole lot more about how to become the best version of ourselves through our thoughts, words and actions. 

I started to write a blog, which is now huge, and has 700 posts, full of mind-expanding fun! The site is called beautiful-vegan.com, and I talk about so much more than just what I eat, so come and visit!

I have been told that I am here to spark, inspire and influence souls with my energy. To remind everyone that we are much more than we think we are. Each one of us is connected to the other, and we can grow on our spiritual journey with the aid of crystals and an open heart. So I am here to open your minds, expand your ideas of who you are, and connect you to the right crystals so you can become the best versions of yourself!

I send you love & light.